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Webinar - Berechnung des Trägheitsmoments für Ihre Applikation

Moment of inertia is a critical parameter in any rotating application. It is the rotative equivalent of moving mass in case of linear motion. Calculating the moment of inertia can be a difficult task due to the complex shapes that many applications have. Knowing the exact moment of inertia will ensure correct motor selection which will optimize

  • Acceleration
  • Throughput
  • Space usage
  • Energy consumption
  • Costs

This webinar will explain what is the moment of inertia and how to calculate it. Bart Alberts, Technical Sales & Application engineer at Tecnotion, will illustrate and show examples using the calculation tool in the Online simulation tool.

Also he will cover the concept of inertia mismatch and why it is of less importance to match the inertia of the motor with the inertia of the load when using a direct drive motor.

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Webinar date:        Thursday 28 October
Webinar time:        15:30 CET
Language:              English
Duration:                45 minutes


Bart Alberts

Bart Alberts started working for Tecnotion in 2017 as Technical Sales & Application Engineer. In his job, he supports customers with their application-related questions and their motor sizing. He is also responsible for creating and updating manuals, technical notes and white papers. Bart graduated from the Saxion University of Applied Science in Applied Physics.  

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